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107 E 44th St
Garden City, ID 83714

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We set out to achieve the impossible goal of crafting a wine experience that pairs easily with any life event. Our vision is to always create a wine that is an experience - crafted by skillful hands imparted with knowledge to create a moment in time for you to remember. To experience Périple will be a rarity. The experience will only come in small lots (250 cases or less) of wine emphasizing quality and not quantity. We choose to create something that must be searched for - you must journey to find us, for in the journey comes the experience. Our ability to craft the ultimate experiences comes from the nurturing of ultra premium grapes from the Russian River of California, the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the Columbia Valley in Washington and the Snake River Valley in Idaho. We create small lots of meticulously hand-crafted wine to envelope you in experiences that reflect the nuances of each of these regions. Périple is hard to obtain but once you are exposed to the playful pairing of journey and experience you will realize that you are only at the beginning of your journey.

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Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot